DREDGE: Deluxe Edition – Xbox Series X


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Two Halves of one Tale: DREDGE keeps the player enthralled by hinting at a story much more sinister than at first thought: Uncover piece by piece the mystery surrounding your arrival in the Archipelago.
Day and Night Cycle Storytelling: While the world of DREDGE seems peaceful during the day, once the sun sets, you’ll want to be sure you keep your lights on and wits about you. The world changes dramatically at night, so always be on your toes!
Fishing Galore!: Every type of fishing within the game comes with an accompanying system to catch fish! From patrolling shallow waters, to trawling the ocean floor, using crab pots, to the titular dredging itself. Experience a wide array of different game mechanics solely created to make fishing as varied and interesting as possible.
Keeping Sane: If you want to survive the sea, you need to make sure your sanity is kept in check with the Panic system. Without it, you’ll be seeing deadly illusions, like terrifying aquatic creatures, false rocks you may crash your ship on, and much more.


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